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Environmentally conscious and healthy eating is a growing trend in our society. To adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle, one should eat less meat, less salt and consume more vegetables and exercise frequently.


For over 25 years, Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant has been offering delicious vegetarian cuisine in Toronto. Our concept is to provide an exceptional and inviting vegetarian dining experience, that goes beyond traditional vegetarian cuisine. Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is the perfect destination for diners who are looking for a light and healthy dining experience.


At Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, we offer a modern twist on traditional vegetarian cuisine, delivering a diverse vegetarian menu for our guests. Not only do we embrace traditional vegetarian concepts of less oil, sugar and salt in our dishes, we also select quality ingredients to ensure an extraordinary vegetarian dining experience.

環保及食得健康是現今人們所追求的, 亦是一個大趨勢, 要食得健康, 就要少肉多菜, 少油鹽, 清淡, 多運動了! 若平時並不想放棄吃肉, 而又想吃食得健康, 少油鹽及清淡的消費者,「蓮花素食」就是一個很好的選擇.


不但堅持傳統素食的風味, 亦少油鹽, 低糖之烹調原則, 並選用優質食材, 所以能夠煮出傳統和潮流新穎精緻的素食.

「蓮花素食」在多倫多已經營了超過25年, 店內裝修

雅緻舒適, 歡迎新知舊雨駕臨一嚐大廚為大家烹調的精美素食.

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